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Services for complex processes

Our API incorporates services that master some of the most common machine vision tasks encountered in robotics and automation today.
# Pick & Place
# Automatic visual inspection

Strong algorithms

State of the art in machine vision

The core of the API consists of modern data-driven algorithms for the detection, classification, and localization of rigid objects in 2D and 3D images. Further functions for calibration or inline quality control are the ideal addition to any automatic pick & place process.

Plane Picking

The core functionality of this service is the recognition and localization of one or more pre-trained object classes in point clouds captured with a 3D camera. Here, it is assumed that the objects are resting on one or more planar layers (e.g., a pallet, cardboard separators, or a conveyor belt). The achievable accuracy is sufficient for direct loading of a machine, without additional mechanical centering/alignment aids. 
# High precision and reliability
(thanks to underlying machine learning approach)
# No teach-in required
(all training data generated automatically)
# Distinguishes known object classes
(for placing and sorting simultaneously)
# Automatisiertes Anlernen von Werkstücken
(synthetische Trainingsdaten aus CAD Modell)
# Höhere Präzision & Zuverlässigkeit
(kontinuierlich lernendes System)
# Nicht-sortenreine Objekte prozessierbar
(Ladungsträger mit unterschiedlichen Typen)
KUKA Agilus
Baumer VCXG-51M

Contour Picking

Some processes do not lend themselves to imaging with a 3D sensor, either because the parts in question exihibit unfavorable reflectance, or the relatively long image acquisition time is prohitive (under a given cycle time). For these cases, we offer a service for localizing items on a planar surface in 2D images. The service learns from each image taken, minimizing the influence of ambient light, which is all the more important without the active illumination typically found in 3D sensors.
# High precision and reliability
# Short cycle times
# Automatic & perpetual training
(continuous and unsupervised learning of environmental conditions such as conveyor belt wear or lighting)
# Automatisches Training
(Boostrapping Ansatz ersetzt manuelles Labeln)
# Höhere Präzision & Zuverlässigkeit
(kontinuierlich lernendes System)
# Für schnelle Zykluszeiten geeignet
Universal Robot
Zivid 2


Like any other sensor, in order to maintain sufficient accuracy, cameras must undergo regular calibration to compensate for changing environmental conditions (vibrations, temperature fluctuations, etc.). This is often done with calibration software provided by the camera vendor which is unable to exchange data directly with the robot cell thus making the process error-prone and time-consuming. Our API enables complete integration of all common calibration procedures (including extrinsic, intrinsic and hand-eye calibration) into the automated process, for almost any type of robot and camera.
# Complete integration into automated process
# Works for any camera-robot combination
# Automatischer Ansatz für HAK
# Funktioniert für jedes Roboter/Kamera Setup
KUKA KR 120 R2700-2
Baumer 2D VLG-12M

Visual Inspection

Typically, when packaging items at the very end of a manufacturing process, workers simultaneously perform a final quality check. This behavior is easy to mimic by composing our services for visual inspection and pick & place, as to achieve a holistic automation of the common end-of-line packaging process.
# AI-based visual inspection
(arbitrary number of user-defined error classes)
# Online training
(continuous learning from operator feedback)
# Automatisches Training
(Boostrapping Ansatz ersetzt manuelles Labeln)
# Höhere Präzision & Zuverlässigkeit
(kontinuierlich lernendes System)
# Für schnelle Zykluszeiten geeignet

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