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Leadec and Vathos form innovation partnership

Leadec is a global leader in providing services around the entire life cycle of the factory. For more than 60 years, industrial enterprises across the globe rely on the expertise of 22,000 employees in the fields of production and infrastructure.

Vathos has developed a modern machine vision interface (API) that empowers professional solution providers to automate complex processes in production and logistics using intelligent, seeing robots and machines.

Stephan Hihn, Head of Product Management at Leadec: “Together with Vathos, we will bring AI-based robotics to the smart factory and give our customers the opportunity to automate processes considered difficult or even impossible to automate before. “

Together, the partners are developing systems and applications in which solid, randomly positioned objects have to be precisely picked and placed by robots using the Vathos API (“Pick & Place”). Depalletizing and sorting systems for small load carriers are currently being implemented. The partners are also planning flexible feeding systems for machine loading or assembly applications. The common goal is to achieve a higher degree of automation. This applies in particular to less structured, repetitive processes that still have to be carried out by workers today. It is already difficult to find enough workers for these tasks, so additional initiatives in the field of automation are becoming increasingly necessary.

Dr. Nicolas March, Managing Director of Vathos: “With Leadec, we have a strong and established partner at our side that has many years of experience with automation in the fields of production and logistics and provides access to a list of trusted, well-known enterprise customers in the German automotive and consumer goods industries. We are looking forward to continuing our journey together.”

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